Falling in Love

With September comes the advent of the Fall.  I thought this would be a great time to talk about something nice and light-hearted.  Falling in love.  Now, of course, I am only joking.  The process of getting into a love relationship seems to be one of the most perplexing things in the world to me…I guess that’s why it’s referred to as “falling.”  Surrounded by feelings of out-of-control behavior and clouds of mystery.  Maybe next time I will not fall in love, maybe I’ll just walk into it. Anyway, here is a poem from a past “falling” experience.  (Note to self: don’t do that again) The poem after that is about a time when I was secretly in love, perhaps it was just a crush, with a “platonic” friend.  Enjoy the read.

Disclaimer: Below are original published works and may not be reused without written permission from the author.



You ever tried to piece a puzzle together?

Some parts just won’t fit whether

You bang or hammer.

But you…

You slipped in so smooth,

It’s almost too good to be true.

Not too loose, not too tight

It just feels right.

I find myself wondering, like…

“Who am I right now?”

What you bring is so intoxicating wow,

Your gifts got my nose wide open

Thinking, “Where are you? What are you doing?

When will I see you once again?”

I’m famished, but then again,

When I’m with you I can’t eat.

You fill me with the choiciest of meat.

When you’re not near I’m missing you…

Day dreaming about kissing you.

I feel your soul and you see mine.

A solo upon a solo, doesn’t make a duet.

It’s the synchronizing of harmony

That makes the best of you and me.

If I and I, can yield to we,

Beautiful melodies is our destiny.

Latice Devonne copyright 2014




You like my hair? You dig my natural style?

Thank you handsome stranger.

You seem like a cool brotha’…

Wanna kick it a while?

Something about you makes me smile,

Something heavenly yet a bit mischievous.

And like George, I’m a little curious.


You’re honest, affectionate, handsome and sweet

Skin, the most beautiful shade of brown ever seen,

Silky smooth to the touch, yet firm in all the right places.

Trapezius to gastrocnemius, your body is a woman’s oasis.

I want to rest my best between your quadriceps

And lay in the shade of your protruding pectoralis.

Tu eres muy intelligente porque tu estudias

En Estados Unidos y alla, ‘abroad’

Almost to good to be true, Ms. Ceily speaks for me,

“When I see’d you…I know’d that they’as a God.”

Mixed emotions got me feeling a little odd.

But I can’t go out like Mr. West, ‘cause I know what’s best.

Despite how I feel and your overwhelming sex appeal,

I gotta roll with what’s real.


It’s not enough just to know, I have to live it.

Or be livid with myself and deal with the wrath

And the consequences of the aftermath,

Of self-inflicting prophecies…

Of damaging another man’s property.

There is someone who is worthy and waiting for me.

I want to present my whole self to him as a gift that works,

Not one that’s been used and bruised and hurt.

So we can hang, play a couple board games,

tell a few jokey jokes…

But spiritually, we’re unequally yoked.

So as much as my lips want to embrace yours

And my tongue desires to dance outta my throat…

They won’t.

Latice Devonne copyright 2014

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Self-value. What an interesting concept.  I’m really trying to wrap my mind around this topic so, I thought, let’s talk about it.  How do I have value if not in relation to someone else?  For example, does a diamond have value unto itself?  Was it any less valuable when it was a lump of coal?  Further still, does its value lie in the fact that someone recognized it as being valuable?  I very strongly believe that the value of a thing must be somehow tied to the evaluator of that thing.  I think that is the sentiment behind the statement…”one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

The Watts Towers: Famous Los Angeles art created entirely of other people's trash.

The Watts Towers: Famous Los Angeles art created entirely of other people’s trash.

Now that I have declared that the measure of self-value is tied to the evaluator, who are the evaluators?  My friends?  My siblings? These evaluator could be coworkers, enemies…they could be anybody!  I am of the belief that while our value is tied to the person or persons evaluating us, that doesn’t mean that I have to be abused because I am of no value to them or that I have to be ignored because I am of little value.  The funny thing about this is that I get a choice. You get a choice.  If the evaluator does not treat me with value, I can choose to put myself in different or better circumstances.  I don’t have to agree with someone’s negative view of me or their lack of ability to value me.  But, if I lack self-value, how then would I know that I’m being mistreated?  I think this question takes us to the heart of the matter for every individual who struggles with the idea of valuing themselves.

Here is the truth that has set me free, or should I say, continually sets me free because I have to revisit it often enough.  For a very long time, it had been difficult for me to see myself as someone of value.  I’ve always seen myself through the eyes of my mother, the eyes of my dad, my brother, my friends and sometimes even strangers.  I was continuously preoccupied with what others thought of me until one day, I learned to see myself through the eyes of the greatest Evaluator there is.  I was talking to a mentor-friend of mine and I was sharing with her what a teacher had shed light on for me in the story of Ruth and Boaz.  Boaz proclaimed that all the people saw Ruth as virtuous.  “I had been much less than virtuous,” I told my friend, “and I wished that someone would see me as virtuous one day and that it would be true.”  At that moment, my friend spoke life over me, saying that, “God sees you like this right now.” Wow!  Just like that.  My life has never been the same.  I stopped beating myself up for all my imperfections and sins.  I simply began to walk in that truth.  I am valuable.  There are probably like 5 to 10 lessons that can come out of just that one revelation but for now I want to conclude with this thought about the “self-value” concept.  My self-value is tied the value that God has for me.  You are valuable to God.  Our only challenge today is to keep that perspective ever before us.


Self-value when it’s tied only to the self, in other words, self values self, it comes out like, pride, arrogance, ego-centricity and a lot of other unflattering characteristics.  I don’t have any reference reading material for this blog but, if I find some things I’ll add them later.

I welcome your comments.

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You Can Walk with God

Dare I even approach the subject of walking with God?  It seems to me that this is a subject that is so often thought to only be taught by the likes of priests, pastors and missionaries and a privilege reserved for this same group of people.  On the other hand, the Bible tells us of such regular men who walked with God.  Is it possible for regular ordinary me to walk with God?  I say that and it seems ironic because over the years I have had many people ask me to pray for them because they felt that they were not “spiritual enough” to pray.  However, the Bible says, “All men were made in His image and likeness.” (Genesis 1:27)  God is spirit as are we.  We are so comfortable with acting, feeling, thinking in the physical realm but, we are as much spirit as we are flesh.  It’s about time for us to get in touch with our own spirit and the spirit of God.  Let’s look at how these men of old, walked with God.  What did it mean when they did this and how is it that we can connect our spirit with God in this present age?  The topic of the Spirit of God seems to be one that is shrouded in mystery.  I hope to demystify this relationship for those that want to know and want to engage with Father God in this way.  I knew in the midst of my struggle to grasp this reality, that I struggled so much because I would better be able to explain the “how to” for someone else someday.

There are a few men in the Bible who are said to have walked with God.  What exactly did they do?  In Genesis chapter 5: 22-24, the scripture says repeatedly that Enoch walked in close fellowship with God.  In Genesis 24: 40, Abraham declares to his servant that because he had walked faithfully with God, he could tell the servant some things about what God would do.  He knew Him.  Abraham’s faith in God was a result of spending time with God.  I would say fellowship is just that…spending quality time with someone.  God loves to spend time with us.  Have you ever been walking with someone?  If you have not, I highly recommend it.  One of my favorite things to do when I lived in Los Angeles county was to meet up with a good friend of mine and go for a stroll around the beach or some other scenic area.  It wasn’t so much about the location rather, about the fact that I was with my good friend.  I trusted her, I enjoyed her company and we would often end up somewhere sharing experiences, feelings and our future plans.  I cherished those moments and I periodically needed to have that time with my friend. Walking with God is kind of like that.  I would suggest that if this still sounds a bit cryptic to you that you actually identify a good friend in your life and practice opening up with them as you take a walk.  Then when you are ready to, do the same thing but, this time purpose in your heart to discuss those deep topics of your heart with God. Literally, have a conversation. I used to put on headphones so people would think I was singing.  In time, you will learn to speak in your spirit and hear what is being said to you in your spirit.  Spending quality time in fellowship opens the door.

The next matter that I know to be important to walking with God is obedience.  In Genesis, chapter 6:9 there is a reference to Noah being righteous.  Not only that but, he also walked in close fellowship with God.  I would say, righteousness is to be godly…or God-like.  How can I do that without to spending time getting to know God and then, to do what He does. If I am to emulate the character of God, I have to obey the wisdom and direction of God because I, and you, are really not that awesome.  However, we all have access to the Awesome One!  This was tough for me. The more I read scripture and went to Christian functions, the more I thought, this is too much effort. I can’t do this…I can’t wear that.  I was caught up in religion and feeling confined by rules.  I messed up…now I got one foot in hell. Where do we get this nonsense from? Romans 10:9-11, says that salvation belongs to those who confess Jesus as Lord, and believe in their hearts that God raised Him from the dead. Disobedience doesn’t send us to hell but, it does offer us over to the consequences of that sin.  Sometimes the consequences are physical but, almost always results in distancing ourselves from God.  These are the times in our lives that we may not consciously seek fellowship or direction from God.  Really, we start walking away and stop listening when we don’t want to obey.  We end up only hurting ourselves because we stop letting the All-Knowing Spirit of God guide us.

The natural outcome of continuous fellowship with God is gratitude.  I find that people who choose to spend quality time with God and obey His guidance, have more joy than those that don’t.  We recognized and are grateful for all the messes that God has helped us to avoid.  We recognize and are grateful for every good thing that comes our way.  Sometimes these are things that we didn’t even earn or seek, they just come.  You know a sincere thank you goes a long way.  Simply being appreciated often is its own reward.  I will bend over backward to help someone who has a good attitude but the ingrate…nope! I’m not saying God will leave us hanging when we are ungrateful but, I am saying that He likes to be appreciated as much as you do.  To say thank you is to acknowledge the relationship between us and the fact that something (a gift) came to you from someone (a giver).  When you are walking around with a grumbly, ungrateful disposition that is a good indicator that your fellowship with God is lacking.  You might need to do a spirit check and plan some intentional time getting connected with God.

When you need a spirit check or, even when you don’t really, the habit of worship creates an atmosphere that the Spirit of God love’s to linger in. (Psalm 22:3) Go in your room or some place you have to yourself and worship.  If you can’t sing, not to worry…you can play a worship CD or, something that I was taught, that I absolutely love is listening to soaking music.  I prefer to do this at night but, it’s a great habit to have in the early hours of the morning as well, before other issues of the day cloud the mind.  I will put some reference sites on the end of this blog so you know what I am talking about. These prayers and music instantly take my mind to a place of connection with God.  Some people meditate on a scripture, or sing the scripture. You can even sing a new song (Psalm 96:1) from your heart to God’s heart.  For me, I have realized that I can’t worship God and “other things” in the same place.  Having a certain place in my home where I establish as a place to worship helps me not to worship other things, things that may cause me to become disobedient.  My obedience brings unexpected blessings, which in turn sparks my gratitude.  It’s all sort of connected actually.

The bottom line is that relationship is everything.  Our connection spirit to spirit with God is the most important relationship that we will ever have.  Fellowship…walking with God takes intentional effort but, it really is life.  When we come to this realization, we want to spend time with God spirit to spirit often, we want to obey because He knows what’s good for us and we want to make the effort to get into His presence just because we enjoy one another’s company.  It seems like this is just part one of this discussion.  There are deep and personal things God wants to share with you and I.  As always, I welcome your comments on this blog or you can send me a private message on the “send me a message” page.


Bible Hub (NASB)

Father Heart TV (soaking prayers)

Soaking Music (instrumental)

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Establishing a Legacy

Generations of my family have lived in Arkansas for as far back as I can remember. Grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents and so on, all resided in some part of the state. Something happened between the 1950’s to the 1970’s, okay, obviously the civil rights movement happened within these years, and there was a massive exodus of my family members to various metropolitan cities.  They were seeking opportunities to work, that did not exist in the areas in which they lived.  Now, there seems to be a major disconnect in the way my generation, thinks and responds as compared to my parents and their parents before them.  Part of me wonders why this is happening…then again, part of me thinks I know why this is the case.  This turmoil that is afflicting my family makes me want to explore the topic of how to pass down legacy effectively.  As I begin to explore this topic, I’m not convinced that I will discover the answer for my family however, I hope to explain to you what a legacy is and the significance of establishing a legacy in your own family before you are looking at the end result and wondering what happened and why.

In 2002, I had the wonderful opportunity to come under the teaching and influence of Campus Crusade for Christ as a fulltime staff member.  Prior to that, I was very active in the group in my college years.  During my time of being impacted by this ministry, I learned what it means to establish a legacy.  In fact, the year that I joined, I went to an all staff conference where I listened to the philosophy and teachings of a great man whose scope of influence is proof that he understood legacy.  His name is Bill Bright.  At that time he was in failing health but he thought the message he wanted to share of such significance that he had video taped a message for present and future staff about the difference between a legacy and a monument.  He went on to tell us about all the organizations that were started for the cause of Christ, like YMCA, which is still standing but most people don’t even know what it stand for.  Those he said are monuments…their meaning is lost over time and sometimes they cease to exist.  He was adamant about leaving a legacy through Campus Crusade for Christ.

There is no life in a monument.

A legacy, according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, is “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor.”  The example given denotes for us that this “something” can be tangible or intangible.  An ancestor can pass down traits like artistic abilities, thousands of dollars, feelings, like pain and suffering or love and respect.  Get the picture?  The word legacy comes from the English term “office of the legate.”  Legate, in its broad definition, means that person who is sent by another for some representative office.  In other words the members of a legacy represent those that have gone before them.  They are sent out into the world and become leading examples in their communities and for their descendants who will follow after them.

Legacy should be passed down intentional.  I should be able to say, this is what I want to pass down and this is how I am going to accomplish this task.  The best legacies are when the one who is doing the passing down has a clear focus on what it is that is of significance that they want to be handed down.  For example, I can tell you that in Crusade the clear mission is to carry out the Great Commission through discipleship and duplication.  Of course, there are even more specific plans underneath that general umbrella. How I wish that parents would realize that this is the key to everything because the next generation may not always remember what you say but you better believe, they will remember what you do.  They will model themselves after the parent.  Some of the things that I have inherited from my family that I absolutely love is our love for family.  If I was with any given aunt for the weekend, that aunt took care of me like I was her own child.  I love seeing the elderly in my family so very well cared for.  My grandfather had colon cancer and he never had to set foot in a nursing home because his children, my mom, uncles and aunts took turns caring for him.  For many families, sibling rivalries and such is the norm but, I have never seen this.  I absolutely love this about my family and I know I am a better person for having the ability to accept and “get along” with others…especially my family.  I remember my mother telling me about my grandparents wishes for them to always get along.  She told me many times and she lived out the example.  It really is quite beautiful to see how my mom’s sibling take care of each other and never separate.  Of course, they disagree sometimes but at the end of the day, they sit down and have dinner together.  I have learned how to interact with my family and the value of it, by watching and repeating the behaviors I have learned.

Legacies never cease living, moving from one generation to the next.

Legacies never cease living, moving from one generation to the next.

When I began this segment, I talked about my generation and the ‘gap” that exist in my southern parents generation and mine.  The problem that is happening in our family at current, is that the next generation isn’t really enthusiastic about “taking over” and being responsible to lead our family meetings and reunions.  We have been having them every 2 to 3 years for the last 37 years.  I can’t help but feel in this moment that we, my generation, missed something that our parents were trying to teach us.  I’d love to tell you what that thing is but, I don’t know.  A few of us have tried to rally the cousins to get more involved and to come up with solutions to this issues but, that effort has been extremely unfruitful.  As I wrote this article, I realized that it really isn’t too late but, it will be up to the prior generation to figure out what legacy they want to pass to their own kids and to teach them the way to do this one-on-one.  I can’t teach legacy in a lateral motion, it’s got to be from the top down.  That’s why many families fall apart when the matriarch or patriarch dies.  They failed to pass down the legacy that would keep the family together.  So, if our parents are truly concerned about this, they will figure out how to pass the legacy down or perhaps they already have.  The resolve for my own family is that time will tell.  As for you, the things that are important to you, identify that legacy, teach the legacy and model the legacy.



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Freedom from Offense

In light of Independence day, I think it’s very fitting to talk about freedom, living free from offense.  I mean offense as in to be offended.  Webster’s dictionary defines the term offense like this; a) something that causes someone to be hurt, angry or upset b) something that is wrong or improper c) a criminal act.  In other words, someone may have done something that caused you to feel some kind of way, regardless of whether they are actually wrong for it or not, and you are “offended.”  I just want to point out that the “offense” has less to do with what the person did and more with how we choose to react or respond.  John Bevere, in his book, “The Bait of Satan,” tells us that the term offense here actually means, a snare or a trap.  He says that offense, is Satan’s way to trap the believer so that we are nursing our wounds rather than focusing on the will of God.  What a great visual.  I can imagine, myself, like that wolf with its paw caught in this trap, staring at a gaping wound, wondering how in the world it got itself into this mess. How will I get out of this mess…and then adrenaline wears off and the pain sets in.  Indeed, I would be able to think of not much else.  As, I write about this topic, I find that I am dealing with an offense right now. Having said that, let’s discuss why we get offended in the first place and then, how we get out of the snare.

The simple answer is…we get offended because we are human.  Sometimes we have been hurt and the old wounds seem to be scabs that new people pick by accident.  Sometimes people truly have character flaws that just so happen to irk your nerves.  I laughed when I read this scripture in Luke chapter 17, verses 1-5.  The disciples of Christ have a peculiar response to Jesus’ mandate to forgive offense.  In fact, He tells them that every time someone offends them and repents they are to forgive.

3 “If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them. Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.”

After the disciples hear this message they cry out.  “Give us more faith!” Am I the only one that finds this hilarious?  These are the same men who have seen water turned into wine, fish and loaves multiple by the thousands, the cripple made to walk upright, natural disaster and demons bow at the command of Christ.  This is the same man who asked them to forsake the comforts of the world, to leave their wallets and live off the offering of the people they were to minister to as they traveled about…this is the same man who had given them authority to heal the sick.  But, when he tells them to forgive an offense, it seems like an insurmountable task.  “Give us more faith,” they reply.

How do we deal with an offense?  The answer is in that scripture as well.  According to Luke 17: 3, we are to rebuke.  If a repentance, or turning from the sin, occurs then we are to forgive.  Yep.  This is easier said than done.  What I’ve noticed about myself and other people who tend to get offended from time to time is that we are somewhat sensitive by nature.  All that sensitivity serves as an awesome guide when it comes to being compassionate toward people who need a touch by a true and living Savior or being in tune with what Holy Spirit is doing in the church, the body of believers.  Can you imagine, and it’s bound to happen, when one of those people who you poured your life into helping, is discontent with you.  They decide to purse their lips together to speak negatively about you!  Come on…that can be offensive.  Perhaps they did something they thought was funny but, it reminded you of a time that your older sibling bullied you as a child.  All these raw emotions begin to resurface and you revert to the same reaction you had when you were in a much more helpless state.

Once we realize what’s happening, we have an obligation to our brother or sister to rebuke, to reprimand or express disapproval of, the sin.  I actually hate confrontation.  It can be awkward.  Imagine someone younger rebuking someone older, like a parent or teacher.  What if the person that you need to rebuke is sort of in denial about their behavior or if they are very sensitive as well.  These waters can get tricky to navigate so, my natural reaction is to avoid this option.  With this latest incident, I tried to convince myself that what I was feeling was not a big deal and I would get over it in time.  That is not a scriptural reaction number one and, number two, I realized that I was harboring a bad attitude toward the person who had offended me.  After speaking with a more seasoned believer, she helped me to understand that the person who offended me needs to hear the rebuke because they may not be aware of how their behavior is being received by others.  By bring it to their attention, it may improve their other relationships too.  Coming to grips with that truth makes the idea of rebuke a little more doable for me.  I also needed to do this because I was harboring a resentment.  I would always advocate for praying for the person before you speak to them.  Something about prayer for those you are at odds with that is so amazing is that it opens our hearts to what God wants to directly say to us about that person who did us wrong.  We begin to see them through God’s eyes.  We begin to see ourselves more clearly as well.  We look a little less like victims and a little more victorious as it is revealed to us what to say to that person when the opportunity for discussion arises.

Now about that forgiveness part.  If they repent, then I am to forgive.  What does forgiveness entail?  The Family Life website does a beautiful job of describing what forgiveness is.  It says,  “Forgiveness means letting go of your right to punish another and choosing through the power of God’s love to hold onto the other person rather than his or her offense.”  It goes on to say that forgiveness requires sacrifice, trust that God is up to good and a decision to grow.  It’s a decision.  It’s a decision that the disciple quickly pointed out for us that is going to require much faith to trust God in the process.  By the way, Jesus responds, if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.  I hope this blog entry and reference material is that mustard seed of faith which gives you strength to navigate the process of getting free offense.

Recommended Reading:
“The Bait of Satan” by John Bevere


The Bible. Luke chapter 17:1-5. New American Standard Version (NASB)

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The Premise of a Prenup

Over the last month, I have been watching a reality TV show. This show is quite ridiculous at times but, I find it strangely entertaining. It’s about some “housewives,” half of whom are not even married.  Also, from the looks of it, all the women make way more money than their counter parts.  Yep, the “housewives” all work! They have each required that their man sign a prenuptial agreement prior to saying “I do.”  On the most recent episode, it looked like the wedding of one of the non-married couples may even be called off because, the man hadn’t signed this prenup.  It got me wondering why our culture is so into the idea of legalized relationship negotiations.  I also wonder what effect they have.  Is this beneficial or harmful to the actual marriage itself?  Let’s take a look at what a prenuptial agreement is and weigh the pros and cons.

According to Prenuptial Agreements.org a prenup is “a loving contract” between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together.”  It goes on to say that it’s not an “exit strategy” but rather an “insurance policy” for the marriage contract.  It’s a contract on the contract…because, it says, “marriage is a contract.”  I found out that prenups vary slightly depending on the laws of the state in which a couple gets married.  These agreements are not entitled to cover such topics as child custody or illegal activity but, they may include asset division, responsibility for debt and even financial obligations during the marriage.

Here are the pro’s, in my opinion.  If your primary concern is making sure that there is a clear division of theirs/mine then a prenup is great business benefit.  It mostly seems to cover every angle you can think of when it comes to money.  The other good thing I discovered in my meditation on this topic, is that you get to negotiate the terms of a divorce with out the nasty attitude of a jaded person, that seems to appear at the time of an actual divorce.  In other words, because you are agreeing upon divisions with the person while you actually emote love and kindness toward them, it avoids an irrational, bitter divorce. The other good thing about the prenup is that it gets the couple to think about what they think about finances, debt and how to manage it.

On the other hand, can one really say that this is a loving contract? A contract is simply business…there is no love in it nor, a lack of love. It’s simply me looking out for my best interest. I have a contract on a contract. It’s called gap insurance and car insurance. It makes me feel safe and assured. I know if something happens to my car, I will be able to get any damages fixed or my car will be replaced. I think a prenup is our attempt to protect our hearts from unnecessary damages. The problem with this is that you can’t enter into a relationship trying to protect yourself. And secondly, if your heart is mostly concerned with money…then you have bigger problems than any prenup can fix.

To wrap this conversation up, I would like to share about a recent experience I had. I had the opportunity to go to the 25th wedding anniversary of a very special couple. They renewed their vows by the same pastor who married them so many years ago. One of the profound things that the officiating pastor said, is that the ring is a “symbol of unending commitment.” This explains why marriage is a covenant…not a contract. According to Purposefullydifferent.com a covenant is where one party agrees to hold up their end of the deal, regardless of whether the other party does or not. If more people had this covenant mindset then the divorce rate would not be as high as it is and perhaps we would think a little more critically about the person we choose to enter covenant with rather than jumping into “business” deals with people and ending the relationship upon breach of contract. The idea of a prenuptial agreement being insurance of anything regarding relationship is as faulty as the idea of the show being about “housewives” whom work and are not married.



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Better Together

Hello everyone. The premise of this blog is to build upon one solid foundational concept that we are “better together” as the title states. We live in the land of do it yourself, fortune 500 hundred companies, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. They would have us believe that we really don’t need other people and we certainly don’t need professional help. After all, “You can do-it yourself!” What is “it” you may be asking yourself. It, is anything that was meant to be a job for two or more that we try to take on by ourselves.

I propose to you that you cannot do everything yourself…nor were we meant to do everything alone. We are the most connected, yet disconnected culture to ever inhabit the face of the earth. People are lonely. We search for friendship and companionship on the worldwide web because we don’t know how to relate to the person sitting on the bench next to us. I am guilty of this myself…in fact, I might be the number one offender. It has taken me a considerable amount of time, research and effort to correct some extremely isolating behaviors.

The late, great orator, Maya Angelou expresses the significance of standing tall and interacting with our fellow human beings in her poem, “On the Pulse of Morning” when she stated:

Here, on the pulse of this new day
You may have the grace to look up and out
And into your sister’s eyes, and into
Your brother’s face, your country
And say simply
Very simply
With hope
Good morning.

I have been writing a blog for approximately 2 years now. My only goal has been to improve my writing and to inspire the creativity of fellow artist, writers and poets. I spun my wheels for months trying to think of what to write about and biting my tongue because what I really wanted to write about wasn’t in line with the idea of the blog. Thankfully, a life coach, who happens to be a colleague of mine, helped me figure out that it’s not the writing process that I love but, my underlying passion is to help restore relationships. My desire is to have people recognize, understand and heal broken relationships between family members, friends and most importantly with the Most High God. All the topics, poems, venues and events highlighted in this blog are focused helping us grasp this principle. We will not be so alone if we learn how to sow together.

Marche, Stephen. “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” The Atlantic. April 2, 2012.

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