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Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

This is a very unique daily devotional book.  The best part about it is that it’s written in 1st person, which makes it easy for kids (and adults) to understand the words of scripture.  There is also a version of this for adults which may be very beneficial for personal growth.  Sometimes we want to “fix” our children when they are in fact emulating the parents.

The Gentle Parent: Positive, Practical and Effective Discipline The Gentle Parent pic


I have to admit, I have not read these books yet but, I love the concept of her books and the quotes from her which I happened to stumble upon when perusing social media one day. So, I borrowed this from amazon description, “Written by best-selling parenting and children’s book author and mother of six, L.R.Knost, ‘The Gentle Parent: Positive, Practical, Effective Discipline’ provides parents with the tools they need to implement the Three C’s of gentle discipline–Connection, Communication, and Cooperation–to create a peaceful home and a healthy parent/child relationship. Presented in bite-sized chapters perfect for busy parents and written in L.R.Knost’s signature conversational style, ‘The Gentle Parent’ is packed with practical suggestions and real-life examples to help parents through the normal ups and downs of gentle discipline on the road to raising a generation of world changers.”


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Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

As the title states, the nice thing about this book is that it helps the parent stay focused on the point…guiding a child’s heart.  I know that in the hustle and bustle of life, work, dinner and the multitude of things that bombard parents, it’s sometimes easier to do what’s convenient in the moment. This book gives practical tips to help you stay focused on what’s good for child in the long run.


Solid Answer Book by Dr. James Dobson

How should a parent respond to such issues as premarital sex and AIDS? America’s foremost family counselor does not shy away from the tough issues parents face. In this authoritative release, Dr. James Dobson compiles today’s most demanding questions into a beneficial reference guide for families.



Pre-Parenting by Thomas R Verny, MDProduct Details

Pre-Parenting explains how even the most ordinary events can evoke a cascade of biological changes in a baby — not only in the brain but also in the immune system and throughout the body. Every experience, from a baby’s trip down the birth canal to the way she is held or spoken to, can shape her health and personality. An internationally recognized expert in early human development, Dr. Verny shows parents how to use this new information to create an ideal environment for their babies, enhance their babies’ intelligence and social skills, and become better parents through “conscious parenting.”


The New Dare to Discipline by James Dobson Product Details

Why are boundaries so important? Do children really want limits set on their behavior? Is it okay to spank my child, or will it lead him to hit others and become a violent person? Join the millions of caring parents who have found much-needed answers to their questions in the wisdom of parenting expert and family counselor Dr. James Dobson


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Losing Control & Liking It: How to Save Your Teen (and yourself) Free by Tim Sanford

The pressure on these parents to make their kids turn out right is enormous. Sometimes this pressure can lead parents to think they have to control their kids. Losing Control and Liking It offers parents relief of a burden they were never meant to carry and will help build family relationships based on validation and nurturing instead of control.


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Parenting Your Adult Child: How You Can Help Them Achieve Their Full Potential by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

Parenting doesn’t end at 18. Has your nest not emptied? Has your adult child made lifestyle choices you don’t agree with? Has becoming an in-law made you consider becoming an outlaw? Many parents today answer an exasperating “yes” to
these and many other questions that describe the frustration encountered between them and their adult children. Parenting no longer ends at 18, yet very few resources are available to help parents better communicate with their child who is no longer a child.


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