Nuturing Your Spirit

The self-care page is dedicated to giving you some resources and information to help you improve your relationship to yourself.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you will certainly not be in good shape to take care of anyone else.  Take a moment to love yourself with occasional pampering, spiritual growth and enhancing your mental health as well.  The below printable self-care map will help you focus your efforts to do just that.  There is a lovely blog I published in January of 2015, Love Yourself to Life, that describes this topic in detail if you’d care to read more on the how-to-self-care topic.


Biblical Health Institute by Dr. Jordan Rubin

There are so many great resources available.  His website helps those of us that don’t honor our relationship to ourselves completely.  I’m adding this site to the list to help us get prepared to take care of our bodies.  I read a book called, “The Great Physicians Rx” by Dr. Rubin, which talks about a natural approach to eating and curing many of the unnecessary afflictions we suffer with due to our poor eating habits.  The book references a website by Dr. Rubin, whereby you can take FREE online classes to get educated on different aspects of your health and wellness.

349284  Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges

This book revolutionized the way that I view God’s love for me.  “Too many of us spend our lives basing our relationship with God on our performance rather than on Him. We see our identity as never being worthy of His love.  Isn’t it time to stop trying to measure up and begin accepting the transforming power of God’s grace?”  And as a side note, accepting God’s grace in our own lives makes it easier to extend that grace to others.

Product Details30 Days of Spiritual Detox: Healing for the Hardened, Hurried and Harrassed Heart

Bell knows that the best way to improve one’s relationship with God is to spend time examining the physical and spiritual anchor that keeps us all connected. His thirty-day program is designed to do just that. Each day brings a single topic representing a vital spiritual discipline. These disciplines all heavily influence human behavior at the “heartful” level—that is, the level that impacts both our relationship with God and our interactions with those around us.

Burke Williams images

I believe everyone should relax those tired muscles in a warm spa or with a hot stone massage every now and then.  Personally, I prefer ones that are a bit of a drive outside of the city but, I listed this one because it is so local.  I figured if you’ve never done this before  you may need to take baby steps…lol.  Burke Williams is a great option for you.  However, I encourage you to do a search and try different place until you arrive at the perfect oasis for you.


 Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, Phd. 

This little book spent 100 weeks on THE NEW YORK TIMES bestseller and for good reason.  Can you stand to stop blowing things out of proportion, stop worrying about things that might happen (but probably won’t), stop obsessing about things you can’t change and things that just don’t matter–and start living! This book is full of brief snippets of wisdom that help you deal with everyday situations that too often beset us.

Codependent No More by Melody Beattie   Codependent No More

Is someone else’s problem your problem? If, like so many others, you’ve lost sight of your own life in the drama of tending to someone else’s, you may be codependent–and you may find yourself in this book–Codependent No More.

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