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Product DetailsA Breath of Friendship by Latice Devonne

This my first book of poetry. It’s an oldy but goody. I wrote this in my twenties which really was a period of observing and discovering. The chapters of this collection of poetry take you on a decade of discovery through the enjoyable, the adverse and the satisfying relationships that one may have…including the relationship to one’s self.


Product Details

 The Twelve Teas of Friendship by Susan Rios & Emily Barnes

Isn’t it fabulous!  A friendship book written by friends.  I highly recommend this book for my introverted folks out there.  For some of us, getting to know people takes an extraordinary effort.  This book will give you some ideas to host a small, intimate gathering with a few friends or people you’d like to get to know better.  The theme and props give people plenty of conversation starters!

The Friendships of Women by Dee Brestin   9780896934320

In The Friendships of Women, Dee Brestin encourages you to listen to your need for friendships and to find and strengthen those relationships. Relying on key biblical stories, Dee explores what the story of Ruth, how Luke celebrates the power of women’s intuition, and what we can learn about avoiding unhealthy dependency from one of the most significant friendships in the Old Testament.

With a passion borne from an intense belief in the power of friendship, Dee guides your relationships to new levels of intimacy and trust. Engaging, honest, and deeply personal, The Friendships of Women will inspire you to see your desire for friendship not as a burden but as a gift.

“Beaches” a movie, by Iris Rainer Dart

Based on a novel by Iris Rainer Dart, Beaches traces the 30-year oil-and-water friendship between free-spirited Bronx Jew CC Bloom Bette Midler and uptight San Francisco WASP Hillary Essex Barbara Hershey. The two meet as children in Atlantic City played by Mayim Bialik and Marcie Leeds and are reunited in the 1960s, when CC is a struggling singer and Hillary is trying to break free from her staid upbringing by becoming an activist.

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