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Love Maps: 20 Questions Game for Couples

by The Gottman Institute

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The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

This is one of my favorite books of all time.  I read it cover to cover and read several of the other book in this series.  I think the is the ultimate book when it comes to understanding the needs of others and how to fill your loved one’s love tank, not with what you think they want but, with what actually communicates love to them.  Of course, you will learn your own love language and how to express your need for it with your spouse, friends and family.  This book will enhance your love life from a wholistic approach.

Keys For Marriage  Keys for Marriage by Dr. Myles Munroe

In Keys for Marriage, Dr. Munroe provides wisdom for building and renewing your most vital relationship on earth. Understanding the inherent, God-given design for men and women will enlighten your perspective on your spouse and help you to build a healthy, dynamic marriage. As you understand how marriage is designed to function, you will experience a changed heart, a stronger relationship, and a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Liberated Through Submission by P.B. Wilson

A strong woman married to a strong man, Bunny Wilson struggled to understand godly submission. As she studied God’s Word, the truth liberated her: Submission doesn’t tear down relationships, it builds them up and sets people free. This exploration of an often misunderstood topic helps readers discover…

  • what men and women should know
  • what submission can give to marriage and the single life
  • the surprising freedom that comes with submission

Everyone will find a powerful truth in the principle of submission as our Creator intended.

Product DetailsLove & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs

I will not go into a long dissertation of why I know this to be true.  H0wever, I can tell you with complete conviction that this concept is true to the underlying desires of every man and every woman.  I, representing women, want to be loved above all else and men, want to be respected.

Product DetailsWild at Heart by John Eldredge

Well folks, I have to laugh at myself a little bit when I tell you about this book. This book is really written for men but, I thought, what better way to understand men that to read about their innermost desires.  I think this will help any woman who plans to marry a man or have male children someday.  Men are so perplexing because they are so simple and different than women.  Oh yeah, I’m sure this book is helpful for men who are doing some soul searching as well.

The Gottman Institute

This is a link to their home page where you will find a host of “research based” information in the form of CD’s, DVD’s and books that will help to strengthen and enhance your marriage.  There is also pre-marital and parenting advice.  Lastly, I saw some information about couples retreats and things like that.  It’s very comprehensive.  They’ve covered just about every topic you can think of regarding marriage.  Great resource!


Song of Solomon Online Study Guide

Song of Solomon, a couple or group of couples may want to do this study together.  It is a poetic story about courting, dating, intimacy and marriage.  God wants to be intimate with us and the model for our understanding of this is the unity that takes place in a healthy marriage.

Further study on Song of Solomon…

Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon’s Crazy In Love How-to-manual

Many couples find themselves at a point where they need a passion boost. How can husbands and wives break through the many obstacles and issues that have derailed their desire and get back on track to being the crazy in love couple they once were? Solomon had a few secrets up his ancient sleeves.


The Song of Solomon (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)
The Song of Solomon, as its Hebrew title indicates, is “the best of songs.” In it we hear the passionate melody of romantic love. But whose love is described? Is it a couple’s love for each other, God’s love for Israel or Christ’s love for the church? This Old Testament book has fascinated and perplexed interpreters for centuries.  The Song is a celebration of the nature of humanity—male and female created in God’s image for mutual support and enjoyment. There is nothing here of the aggressive male and the reluctant or victimized female. They are one in their desires because their desires are God-given.

“Hope Springs” a Sony Picture images-4

(click here to watch movie trailer)

Kay (Meryl Streep) and Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) are a devoted couple, but decades of marriage have left Kay wanting to spice things up and reconnect with her husband. When she hears of a renowned couple’s specialist (Steve Carell) in the small town of Great Hope Springs, she attempts to persuade her skeptical husband, a steadfast man of routine, to get on a plane for a week of marriage therapy.

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