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Hey! You found the deep down hidden secrets about me.  Since, you did some digging to get to this page, I will share with you some little known facts.

My original reason to start a blog was to have a professional reference for my writing in the event that I were to pursue a career in writing.  I thought perhaps I would write for a magazine or newspaper.  I sort of like the “behind the scenes” aspect of writing.  I often think about writing some sort of manuscript that would inspire the making of a movie.  I have no idea what it would be about at this moment but, the idea of being an infamous writer is very appealing. Who knows what this can inspire. Today, the biggest desire that I have is to help people improve relationships by learning how to work together and overcome obstacles that can be a hinderance…thus the name sow  together.  On this blog, you will find many book suggestions, web resources and topical posts to help you get information on various types of relationships.

As a student, I hated writing.  In elementary school, I never really understood the concept of the “big picture” in my papers.  In high school, I figured out the basic formula, I gritted my teeth and bore through the laborious writing process.  Oh, man, then in college, I major in Art and pretty much avoided any class that would require me to write more than a few pages.  This is quite embarrassing what I am telling you but, it’s very much the truth about me.

My whole concept about writing began to change when I had to write a poem in my college, Women in Sports class.  Then I entered and won a poetry contest in a dormitory poetry competition.  I began to see that I had some natural talents in the area of poetry writing.  Over the next ten years, I collected my poems, taught myself how to format, edit and self-publish my first book of poetry.  It’s called, “A Breath of Friendship.” And true to my passion, the poems & blog are meant to cause one to think and come to terms with the relationships they have to the self, to others and to God. Improving intimate connection one relationship at a time is my tagline.  This includes connecting and reconciliation for couples, parent-child, friendships and individuals…connecting our body and minds, with our inner spirit. I do this through writing thought provoking articles and poems about relationship and by maintaining a list of reference books and conferences that will be beneficial to people’s growth, with the hope that it will improve their relationships as well.

I have been an educator for my entire adult career, which began in Fall of 2000.  In my years of teaching I often fused the Arts into the core curriculum.  I loved to teach poetry, theatre, abstract art and the writing process.  To take a daunting task and help a student to grasp the “big picture” or to take a task and break it down into small, manageable chunks was very rewarding.  As an artist, I so enjoy taking Art concepts and applying them to my writing so that the writing itself becomes a “work of art.”  To me writing has become this interesting fusion of art and technical skill.  I hope you experience this as you read the blog entries on this site.  Happy reading!

Lastly, I have read poems aloud, hosted panel discussions and workshop lessons for youth events and spoken on selected topics at ministry gatherings.  I have taken about a semester’s worth of theology classes and was on staff with Impact, a subgroup of Campus Crusade for over a year.  I am open to opportunities to use my talents in these areas as well.  Just leave me a message on the contact page and we will go from there.


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