Miss the Sky

This morning I rise to the noisy complaints

of the child who’s room is across from mine.

His older brother must torture him all the time,

As it’s a familiar occurrence to wake

or attempt falling asleep to his whine.


Since I’m up, I open the balcony door.

Greeted with a fresh inhale of cool, smoggy air

and the blue-grey of the adjacent apartment there

which blocks my view of, well, anything really.

I don’t know what I am looking for

yet, I long to see it.


I put on my outside clothes to take a stroll up my block.

Into 90० pathways, I’m locked,

lined with trees and stucco facades

with every tick of the clock.

I turn the corner and more of the same,

more of the same, more of the same.

I’m sick of it, I want something different.


I pack up the car and drive east, I drive and drive

not knowing where this journey exactly is taking me.

At the base of the San Jacinto Mountains

I am drawn upward on winding, narrow roads

that bend to the will of the earth beneath them.

Perhaps I can see over my dilemma there.


Arrived in time to park and watch the sunset.

Magnificent show of lights and colors

dancing over the valleys into their exit,

stage left…there’s nothing left.

Just me and the darkness, night sky.

I opened the sunroof to peer

at the celestial encore.

Hard to believe that anything could be

more beautiful than the before.


by Latice Devonne © 2015

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