Metro Meditations

I pay attention to some things
that are nothing to most passers by.
Their lives are passing them by
and they don’t see you
in the midst of the hustle and bustle,
trying to get from point A to point B.

Open blinded eyes
to observe, silhouettes
of majestic mountain highs,
as you keep us in the valleys.
Little miracles walking all around me…
“Goodmorning miracle,
pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

How can I represent you today?
Surely, where I am there you are.
In the wind that blows dew upon my face
and wraps around me, a cool embrace.
Sunlight breaks through the clouds
Highlighting the heart of Los Angeles downtown.

Time has stopped.
I am suspended over my day.
I’ve slowed down just enough to sip lemon tea
and pause atop the Metro station,
not too far from my parked car.
I feel you, I see you, I breathe you…
there you are.


Latice Devonne 2015

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