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I am so happy to be able to chit-chat with you for the second time in September.  It is a personal goal of mine to blog about relationships twice a month.  I also would like to have at least 700 site visits and 50 subscribers by January 2015, which is more than double of what I have at the present time.  Go big or go home right?  Of course, if you enjoy the read, I welcome you to follow me by email or by WordPress.

Today’s topic is concerning how one feels about themselves.  Some people call this self-esteem.  Does wearing make-up help or hinder a person’s sense of self-esteem?  I had a friend of mine ask me why I dislike make-up so much and I had to answer, “There are multiple reasons.”  One reason is because when I put on eye shadow, eye liner and things like that my eyes itch!  What the heck?  Why would I torture myself to “enhance” my beauty?  After she told me about the hypoallergenic option, I had to reveal my second reason.  Make-up is full of parabens, or toxic preservative agents, that may or may not cause cancer…but often traces of parabens are found in cancerous masses.  No thanks!  I prefer to use 100% pure shea butter, tea tree oil and other things like this for skin moisturizer or to correct skin blemishes.  Now, lastly, I have to admit that I think make-up is like putting on a mask.  It’s like a Halloween costume to me an I feel artificial when I have on full facial armor.  It appears like I am trying to become something that I am not just to impress people I don’t know.  Now, on the flip side, I am not ashamed to admit that I do believe in enhancing one’s own natural beauty and pampering oneself to arrive at feeling your absolute best for yourself.  I believe that women should give themselves beauty treatments, exfoliation of dead skin cells, soak in a mineral baths and things like that but, I just can’t get down with the cover up.  Ultimately, I believe it’s a personal choice.  What makes you feel at your personal best?  You should do what makes you feel like you can give your best to yourself, your loved ones and to the world.

A few years ago, I wrote a little poem about all the artificial things we do to ourselves.  It’s not necessarily about make-up but, it somewhat relates to this topic.  This is a good time to share it.  (Disclaimer: This is an original work that cannot be shared without the written permission of the author.)

Keeping it Real

How can you “keep it real,”

when you’re comprised of all fake parts?

If I hadn’t checked your pulse myself,

I wouldn’t know you had a heart.

I thought you were more savvy than a peacock,

But then again…maybe not.

Why do you need bells & whistles, gimmicks & frills?

What’s even more hilarious still,

Is to hear you express the frustration you feel.

A direct connect to stereotypes perceived,

Due to your artificial attachments.

Yet & still, you try to convince me

To tuck this & to weave that…

Never let it be known that your hair is kinky

& a natural home for beady bees.

With no flower in my hair, nor relaxer to lay it down…

No thong to announce a night out on the town…

Whether black-lace or granny underwear…

I am very much a lady here…

From my smooth skin to luxurious locks

Pass my round parts and my buttocks

To my power calves that call a man’s name.

It’s all me and it’s always the same.

Who bypasses orange juice to drink tang?

I’m just keeping it real.

Latice Devonne Copyright 2014

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