Falling in Love

With September comes the advent of the Fall.  I thought this would be a great time to talk about something nice and light-hearted.  Falling in love.  Now, of course, I am only joking.  The process of getting into a love relationship seems to be one of the most perplexing things in the world to me…I guess that’s why it’s referred to as “falling.”  Surrounded by feelings of out-of-control behavior and clouds of mystery.  Maybe next time I will not fall in love, maybe I’ll just walk into it. Anyway, here is a poem from a past “falling” experience.  (Note to self: don’t do that again) The poem after that is about a time when I was secretly in love, perhaps it was just a crush, with a “platonic” friend.  Enjoy the read.

Disclaimer: Below are original published works and may not be reused without written permission from the author.



You ever tried to piece a puzzle together?

Some parts just won’t fit whether

You bang or hammer.

But you…

You slipped in so smooth,

It’s almost too good to be true.

Not too loose, not too tight

It just feels right.

I find myself wondering, like…

“Who am I right now?”

What you bring is so intoxicating wow,

Your gifts got my nose wide open

Thinking, “Where are you? What are you doing?

When will I see you once again?”

I’m famished, but then again,

When I’m with you I can’t eat.

You fill me with the choiciest of meat.

When you’re not near I’m missing you…

Day dreaming about kissing you.

I feel your soul and you see mine.

A solo upon a solo, doesn’t make a duet.

It’s the synchronizing of harmony

That makes the best of you and me.

If I and I, can yield to we,

Beautiful melodies is our destiny.

Latice Devonne copyright 2014




You like my hair? You dig my natural style?

Thank you handsome stranger.

You seem like a cool brotha’…

Wanna kick it a while?

Something about you makes me smile,

Something heavenly yet a bit mischievous.

And like George, I’m a little curious.


You’re honest, affectionate, handsome and sweet

Skin, the most beautiful shade of brown ever seen,

Silky smooth to the touch, yet firm in all the right places.

Trapezius to gastrocnemius, your body is a woman’s oasis.

I want to rest my best between your quadriceps

And lay in the shade of your protruding pectoralis.

Tu eres muy intelligente porque tu estudias

En Estados Unidos y alla, ‘abroad’

Almost to good to be true, Ms. Ceily speaks for me,

“When I see’d you…I know’d that they’as a God.”

Mixed emotions got me feeling a little odd.

But I can’t go out like Mr. West, ‘cause I know what’s best.

Despite how I feel and your overwhelming sex appeal,

I gotta roll with what’s real.


It’s not enough just to know, I have to live it.

Or be livid with myself and deal with the wrath

And the consequences of the aftermath,

Of self-inflicting prophecies…

Of damaging another man’s property.

There is someone who is worthy and waiting for me.

I want to present my whole self to him as a gift that works,

Not one that’s been used and bruised and hurt.

So we can hang, play a couple board games,

tell a few jokey jokes…

But spiritually, we’re unequally yoked.

So as much as my lips want to embrace yours

And my tongue desires to dance outta my throat…

They won’t.

Latice Devonne copyright 2014

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  1. keisha Pooh says:

    Thats deep

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